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Windorah is the Aboriginal word meaning "Big Fish" and is located 35km south of where  the Thomson and Barcoo Rivers join to form the multi-channelled Cooper’s Creek.

From here the mighty Cooper commences its epic journey towards Lake Eyre. Pushing through a mosaic of channels and flood plains that stretch outwards from its banks for up to 100kms, Cooper Creek in flood is surely the beating heart of the Channel Country.

With waterholes spanning up to 10kms in length there is generally great fishing to be had with catches of yellowbelly, catfish and bream. Smaller channels are great for catching fabulous yabbies - one of the great bush delicacies.

A 12km nature drive from just outside town to the Cooper’s Creek crossing is a must to learn about the huge range of flora native to the area.

The sand hills 12km to the west of town are the deepest red you will ever see. A western sunset over these magnificent hills is very photogenic and there is definitely no shortage of them just a short distance from town on the road to Birdsville.

An original slab hut, circa 1906 built on the banks of the Whitula Creek has been relocated to  the grounds of the Visitor Information Centre and forms the centre piece of the Whitula gate museum.  The museum features in an interesting historical display, retelling the history of the town and its people.

80kms west of Windorah lies the JC pub ruins, once part of the township site of Canterbury, the ruins and the small town cemetery is a poignant reminder of the vulnerability of our early pioneers and their children whilst living in the outback.

Windorah is also now home to an amazing Solar Power Farm, and definitely worth the stop at the viewing bay to observe the farm and learn about generating power from the sun, this plant supplies Windorah with most of its energy requirements.

The Information and History walk/drive around the town of Windorah is a great way to learn about the points of interest around the town.  You will learn about the old court house which is now an icon of the town, to discovering the beautifully maintained and unique town cemetery.

While in Windorah call into the Visitor Information Centre, there’s free tea and coffee, information on road conditions, souvenirs, local craft and free Wifi.