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Barcoo Shire is a remote rural shire located in Central Western Queensland. It incorporates the towns of Jundah, Stonehenge and Windorah. The population of the Shire is approximately 360.

Barcoo Shire covers an expanse of 61,974 square kilometres and borders with the Longreach Regional Council and the shires of Winton, Diamantina, Quilpie and Bulloo, and the South Australian border.

The Shire's primary river systems are the Thomson and Barcoo, which amalgamate above Windorah to become Cooper's Creek. All rivers and creeks within the Shire merge and flow southwest towards South Australia, terminating at Lake Eyre.

The Shire's main industry is beef production and to a lesser extent wool production, opal mining, earthmoving works, and tourism and hospitality. Recent times have seen the discovery of reserves of oil and gas within the Shire, which has led to considerable development in that industry.